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TED and the CITY: A wiki to organize our cities

The Atlantic has a great overview of the winner of the 2012 TED Prize award - City 2.0. City 2.0 aims to create a large wiki to organize innovative ideas about how we can structure and administer robust and healthy growth to expand our best chance for survival, our cities.

LONG BEACH – It’s never long at the annual TED conference before attendees feel awash in mind-bending, technology-enabled ideas. This year, it was the theory that there are multiple universes, a robotic drone that is an exact replica of a hummingbird, and a demonstration of the wisdom of the crowd (a request for online guesses from the 5,000-plus attendees of the weight of an ox brought onstage, the average of which was 1,793 pounds. The beast’s weight: 1,795 lbs.).

So it was fitting that the official announcement of the TED Prize 2012, The City 2.0, revealed a kind of global Wikipedia connecting citizens, political leaders, urban experts, companies, and organizations, with the goal of improving the 21st century city using up-to-the-minute crowdsourcing techniques. The ambitious goal is to create a clearinghouse for tools and methodologies and best practices to reshape cities around the world.

 “This has been designed as a big collaborative process – not us deciding who’s in and who’s out,” said TED curator Chris Anderson, who described the new platform, at this website, as a “big open tent” to collect and share successes, resources, and insights.*

What I found extremely interesting is using the wiki as the mainframe with which to engage this process. As many of you know, last year in our TEDx talk we mentioned that using wiki like structures we can create greater forms of governance that will replace government as we know it today. We also predicted that as outlandish as the idea may seem, it would probably happen much quicker than we think as well as being much easier to obtain.

It’s great to see ideas like this spread, especially through the TED framework which gives them a valuable credibility.

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Google Consciousness spreading…

SOPA/PIPA Protest in NYC Yesterday

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Global Brain (but were afraid to ask)

Someone recently put up a great Knol on Collective Intelligence, Global Brain, Human Sentient Network, etc etc etc or whatever we choose to call it.

It lays out pretty clearly the various points of view that suggest a collective intelligence system, of which humanity may play a significant, but not exclusive, role.

Read it here.

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Hackers from Europe building new internet in space

This is a novel approach to the coming SOPA ruling - a group of hackers from Germany have determined that well organized individuals now have the technology and capability of the US Space program in the 60’s. Roughly, this means that a user generated and controlled internet could easily be installed in space.

Popsci today says The Hackerspace Global Grid was borne out of a call to action at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, where hackers of all stripes gather to mull the issues of the day as they relate to their craft. Hacker activist Nick Farr—motivated by legislation like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S.—called on the community to contribute to a project that would remove the power of censorship from governments and corporations by creating an uncensored Internet in the free frontier of space.”

Read more at Popsci: German Hackers Are Building a DIY Space Program to Put Their Own Uncensored Internet into Space

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Occupy protestors creating new social network

Wired magazine is running a piece about a handful of Occupy Wall Street protestors who have begun to create a new social network. Personally I believe this is more than likely to be the beginning of the first ‘digital’ governance system than many of the ‘collective’ intelligence systems are starting to emerge.

Now it’s time for activists to move beyond other people’s social networks and build their own, according to Knutson.

“We don’t want to trust Facebook with private messages among activists,” he said.

The same thinking applies to Twitter and other social networks — and the reasoning became clear last week, when a Massachusetts district attorney subpoenaed Twitter for information about the account @OccupyBoston and other accounts connected to the Boston movement. (To its credit, Twitter has a policy of giving users the opportunity to contest such orders when possible.)

In the FGA system, each group has a discussion on what information to push to their home page, such as a description of an event, a blog post or minutes from a meeting. “In the same way that, when you look at Reddit, you know that the articles on top are the most upvoted, the user could know that posts appearing on a front page represent the concerted agreement of the group,” said Boyer.

The activist coders also want to be able to push and pull info to and from the rest of the movement. The idea is that they can have disparate systems that label info with shared tags that will, some day, make it possible to enter a search on any one site and pull precise results from around the world.

Ed Knutson’s job is to get those sites talking to each other, even though the content may be in different languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, etc.) and created with different content management systems, or CMSs, such as Drupal or Wordpress. The Global Square network will connect not through those systems but through “semantic Web” standards designed to link up disparate technologies.

Since we introduced the concept of social media replacing government in April of 2010 under the meme 'Google Consciousness', we are reporting evidence of this emerging system of organization, which will, as predicted in our TED talk, happen much sooner and be much easier than anyone expected.
Read more of the Wired article here

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I’m writing this post from Liberation Square, the heart and center of the Egyptian revolution.

If you dont know it already we’re rising against military ruling in the same way we have risen against Mubarak’s regime, we’ve taken our protests to the streets in main cities since the dawn of the 19th of November, I’ve been away from my home for about 28 hours now.

We’ve been hit extensively with rubber bullets and tear gas. Also some explosives that explode mid-air spreading thousands of metallic particles that pop protesters’ eyes and burns a lot on impact, I dont know why the police keep using the same old mentality that we’re supposed to have changed.

The sole purpose of this Egyptian rise is to end the military ruling and recognize the army as a vital structure of our country but not above the law.

Edit: You can check my past AMAs since the rise of the Egyptian revolution here and here

I’m open to any questions you might have, if I dont answer for a while I’ll be probably heading for an indoor shelter away from all this suffocating tear gas. AMA

Edit: I’ll be heading to some place to charge my laptop and cellphone and probably get some medical supplies to help those who are injured, I’ll be back as soon as I can.

EDIT: (5pm Cairo time) I have to go now the army is officially attacking protesters here I cant be sure when I’ll be back

Edit: (5:30pm Cairo time) The military police violently cleared liberation square, torching all cars and motorcycles in the vicinity, I’m wounded in my neck and knee by some of those metallic explosives, it’s not so bad though, I’m going home to shower and regain strength and go back in a couple of hours. I wont be able to answer any questions for a couple of hours, wish us luck.

Ask on REDDIT.

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Using the web to re-organize government as a meme continues to gain momentum.

In our talk “Google Consciousness”, we use the metaphor #googcon as a symbol of collective intelligence re-organizing society using nothing more complex than available social media tools such as wiki’s, Google labs and feeds such as Twitter and Facebook.

This idea appears to be picking up more and more steam, partly due to strong feelings in the Occupy Wallstreet movement. Personally, I believe this idea will begin to achieve critical mass by this time next year.

This image was found on Twitter by user @Usethisidea  to @yourAnonNews.

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Welcome to Collective Intelligence. We are the 100%.

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